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Local Government

ID-10048921Meet Community Needs with Solutions tailored for unique council waste requirements. Minimising waste, as well as reducing the costs associated with waste management and disposal are major concerns of local councils. All over Australia, councils are developing innovative ways of managing their municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, hard waste, and hazardous waste.

The ultimate goal is minimisation. Ideally waste that is produced can be reused, recycled or composted. landfill will always be necessary, but used only as a final resort after the alternate processes such as recycling, green and organics reprocessing have been depleted. While the broader aim to minimise waste is aspired to by all, the ways that each individual council strives to achieve these goals can vary greatly. Because the needs of every community are different, the selection of the right waste disposal products is essential for creating an efficient and economical waste collection and management system.

Bins specially designed for recycling, compost, general waste, business waste or even more specific purposes will increase efficiency and improve the segregation and management of local waste, facilitating the goal of waste reduction. Council waste services take their toll on bins, and councils need access to tough, long lasting products in a range of colours and sizes. In fitting with the goal of waste reduction, councils also need bins that are environmentally friendly and manufactured from recycled materials.

Our range of tough, long lasting bins that can be reused in some instances for 15 years and above, and includes specially designed bins for recycling, general waste, compost and organic waste, and industrial and business waste. We can tailor products to meet specific needs and bins can be produced in a range of colours and sizes, and heat stamped with the council logo, and provide the ongoing support needed.