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Household Bins

2 Wheeled Bins

2 wheeled bins covers the standard household wheeled bin range. MBA supply 2 wheeled bins [60, 80, 120, 240, 360 Litre] that confirm to rigorous strength testing. The DIN-RAL standard [DIN Standard RAL-RG 723/2] is the original European standard is tested over Europe’s 733 million population when compared to Australia’s less than 30 million people. A sound strategy to ensure the products we supply are over engineered by comparison to standard domestic grades and in proper use carry a conservative 15 year life cycle of most plastic parts with warranties of around 10 yrs against manufacturing defects.

Household MGBs are emptied using single operator side-loading ‘grab’ type collection systems hence you need the strongest bins available to withstand the pressures of this collections system, plus commercial contractors use the rear load system which also benefits when a stronger bin is used, and that whish can often be overloaded by the user. DIN RAL standard bins ensure longer field life which is why MBA sticks with DIN RAL standard MGBs and we stand behind what we sell.

DIN RAL Components are interchangeable with other DIN RAL parts and spares and a variety of MBA custom extras

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