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Locking Stands

Locking Stands

240-120 Lock StandWaste Management in Parks gardens and outdoor areas is made far more secure by adding locking stands to that area to ‘lock’ the bins to the designated location. Easy to empty with a key lock, so pull the truck up alongside the bins stand, unlock, empty and re-secure into the locking stand in a matter of minutes.

Reduce the size of what is placed into the bin with the unique lid limiter, that only allows the lid to be raised for filling with hand sized waste items. Reduce theft of your bins by installing galvanised steel or double powder coated locking stand, to fit all 2 wheel bins. The spring loaded locking mechanism attaches your bin to the locking stand by the handle and holds the bin secure.

The locking stand also limits the lid opening, stopping the disposal of oversized waste articles. Rubbish scattered via birds and vermin will also be a thing of the past with this wonderful addition. Locking Stands are ideal for all parks and gardens, factories and can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Pole or wall mount is available.